I come to the study of Psychology with a fresh take on what it will mean to serve and heal in the modern era.  With a background in Design, I have a unique approach to solving complex problems and understanding the world around us.  I rely on a Design Thinking methodology, which exists at the intersection of the creative mind and the strategic and analytical application of that creativity. 

Having taken a rather non-linear track through my undergraduate studies, I had exposure to major courses in almost every academic discipline.  Because I've had such a diverse education from music, sociology, business, forensic science, and design, I've become "rounded and grounded" in thinking inside a variety of perspectives.  My quantitative and arts-heavy education has shaped me into a balanced analytical and systems-oriented creative thinker. 

I believe that we are all works in progress and that it's important to continue learning, maturing, and strengthening ourselves every day.  I'm constantly learning, innovating, and self-editing as I make my way to my professional goals.  Complacency certainly has never been a close friend.


I hope someday to work in applied Psychology practice at the doctoral level and lead research that influences current approaches to diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.  With great passion, I hope to bring together my unique combination of knowledge and experience to empower others in creating richer, more fulfilling lives. 

  • Females with Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Personality disorder diagnosis and treatment

  • Advanced and co-occurring diagnoses

  • Developmental trauma

  • Complex PTSD

  • Psychosomatic medicine

  • Epigenetics

  • Complete Pepperdine's M.A. in Clinical Psychology by 2023

  • Pursue doctoral study in Clinical Psychology in a program that mixes both research and applied clinical work